Historia Fundamental Collection

Fundación Banco Santander, faithful to its commitment to humanism, the expansion of knowledge and the certainty that knowledge of what happened in the past is a way to understand our present in order to aspire to a better future, has created and published Colección Historia Fundamental (Fundamental History Collection). Each of its volumes will gather episodes, facts, characters, themes and writings -between the 16th and 18th centuries- of the Spanish and Latin American reality that, due to different circumstances, were forgotten, unclarified or are still ignored by the general public. In this manner, we hope to contribute to a deeper reflection and analysis of history that will illuminate these centuries and enrich our present time.  

Biografías e Historia

Biographies and History is a series of conferences organized by the Banco Santander Foundation in collaboration with the Cultural Foundation of the Spanish Nobility. It aims to review important moments in history through the biography of its protagonists.

In our Youtube channel you can see the conferences held in the 2020 cycle: The first globalization. America and the oceans. Routes of adventure and science (from the 16th to the 18th century) 2021: America and the oceans. Century XVIII. This cycle continues to study the importance that America had in the commercial, political and strategic relations of the time. And 2022, which addressed the topic: "America, Spain and independence: 200 years of a complex process." Carmen Iglesias and other historians revisit and interpret these events in the light of new contributions, coinciding with the bicentennial of the independence of several Ibero-American nations.

Now access here this new cycle of conferences that, in 2023, will deal with the theme: "A crown of letters: books and authors of the Hispanic Monarchy". Carmen Iglesias and other historians focus on the importance that writers, printers and grammarians played in that first globalization, achieving the elevation of Spanish to an international language both in the political-administrative and cultural spheres.

Ciclo Biografías e Historia 2020 - España y las Indias en el siglo XVIII - Carmen Iglesias
Carmen Iglesias - Main characters of globalization: history of some lives
Ruiz de Alarcón: un académico en el teatro
Feliciano Barrios - Ruiz de Alarcón: an academic in the theater
Printers, dramatists and creators
Carmen Sanz - Printers, dramatists and creators
Life and humanism in Nebrija's prologues
Jaime Olmedo - Life and humanism in Nebrija's prologues