The programme

Santander BEST Africa is the first development cooperation programme of Fundación Banco Santander.

With this new initiative, we seek to promote social and economic development by supporting female entrepreneurs and their local environment.

We provide technical and financial support to enterprises that promote the employment of women, that foster sustainability - economic, social and environmental - and that contribute in an inclusive manner to the development of their community. 

In its first phase, Santander BEST Africa will focus on supporting businesses related to the tourism sector, which has been seriously affected by the coronavirus crisis, one of the fundamental axes for the recovery of the continent and one of the areas of work that employs the most vulnerable groups in the region.

The ventures and the women beneficiaries will be part of the tourist routes that we promote from Fundación Banco Santander and that, after the pandemic, will encourage responsible, sustainable and fair tourism in the distribution of benefits and committed to the preservation of heritage.

Project selection criteria

At Santander BEST Africa we offer technical and economic support to enterprises selected for their potential impact on the development of the local economy, women's employment and social and environmental sustainability.

In this first phase, our collaboration is aimed at facilitating the maintenance, start-up, reinforcement or improvement of small businesses, preferably led by women, in activities directly or indirectly related to tourism: crafts, restoration, interpretation of natural or cultural heritage, improvements in accommodation, hotel supplies, sustainable agricultural development, among others