Mar Lodj, a small island in the Sine Saloum Delta, has great tourism potential: the mangrove forests and numerous bird species attract many visitors. Although activity in this sector has been badly affected by the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, 2022 has seen a significant upturn in the number of tourists visiting the island.  

Forty-five artisan women from Mar Lodj have been making and selling handicrafts for years. All of them were beneficiaries of an initial grant for the purchase of materials and training in production techniques, however, they still lack management skills and lack attractive sales outlets for the development of their business. With this intervention, developed in collaboration with the NGO Enraíza Derechos, new points of sale, kiosks, will be built for the craftswomen. The construction will be carried out in collaboration with young female engineers, specialists in sustainable construction: use of earth, local materials, and recycled waste (plastic bottles, straw, containers, etc.). These experts will help train young masons from the community in these new sustainable construction techniques to carry out the works. Training sessions are also planned to strengthen the artisans' accounting and commercial management skills.