The Nissae Bades Cooperative -Women of Bades-, is located in the municipality of Rouadi, 38 kilometers from the city of Al Hoceima, in the Al Hoceima National Park. A total of 24 women from the community are engaged in the production of handicraft products from different raw materials, mainly wool and palm heart.

The project aims to competitively insert the Nissae Bades women's cooperative into the tourism value chain of the Al Hoceima Province. The initiative, developed in collaboration with CODESPA, aims to strengthen the organization and professionalization of the women in the cooperative. The offer is diversified by incorporating a line of work and training based on local artisanal confectionery, and the women who make up the cooperative participate in training programs on marketing and commercialization techniques and access to new sales channels. The project includes the preparation of a new catalog and sales materials.