At Santander BEST Africa we offer technical or economic support to enterprises that favour the employment of women, promote sustainability - economic, social and environmental - and contribute in an inclusive way to the development of the community.

Find out about some of the projects included in the programme.

Gambia Women’s Initiative. Gambia

Women’s initiative Gambia helps empower low-income women by developing activities that generate income in a sustainable way, based on the protection and conservation of the natural environment.

TRY Women’s Oyster Harvesting Association. Gambia

This organisation was founded in 2007 with the aim of uniting the oyster gatherers and processors on the coast of Gambia to increase their capacity and resources for the development of their activity.

Care for Natural. Gambia

In 2001 entrepreneur Claudette Sarr-Krook began making dairy products from her own kitchen in Kololi. Very soon, due to the success of the business, he built a small factory and began supplying his products to supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.

Kombo Beach Kambeng Kafo Fruit Sellers. Gambia

The name of the Kotu Beach Fruit Vendor Organization means "Women Working in Unit". Women buy the fruits they sell to tourists at the local market and prepare and sell them at an Association stall located on Kotu Beach.

Mama Africa Art Centre & Residence. Gambia

Mama Africa is a small hotel complex, very close to the fishing village of Tanji, on the coast of The Gambia, owned by Gambian artist and entrepreneur Isha Fofana. It includes a gallery focusing on Gambian art and culture. This is also a non-profit association, with a special focus on supporting women in vulnerable situations.

Yabouy Home Cooking. Gambia

Yabouy Home Cooking is a small tourism business led by Gambian entrepreneur Ida Cham, offering a complete immersion in Gambian culture. Her company's motto is "Preserving my culture to promote sustainable tourism".

Tapalapa Bakery. Gambia

We developed this project to build a traditional bakery in the rural community of Ndemban Tenda and to train a team of five women in business management and entrepreneurship.

Kankanba Farm. Gambia

Kankanba Farm is a center specialized in the practice of agritourism located in Sanyang. Its mission is to provide employment to members of the surrounding communities, mainly women. 


Jamali is a farming village located a few kilometres from Janjanbureh, the former capital of Gambia. A group of 25 women from the Jamali Women Skill Center cooperative are engaged in textile handicrafts, horticulture, and the preparation of traditional Gambian dishes.