The only tapalapa-type bakery in the community of Ndemban Tenda, which was built with mud bricks and iron sheeting, collapsed after heavy rains in 2019. Since then, the population receives an irregular supply of bread. Sometimes, due to high demand, the bread runs out before the supply can reach the whole population. The Tapalapa Bakery was one of the prominent attractions for tourism in Ndemban Tenda.

In collaboration with Aethnic, we developed this project to build a traditional bakery in the rural community of Ndemban Tenda and to train a team of five women in business management and entrepreneurship, who will be selected from among the 200 members of the Nyodema Kafo Association. The aim is to revive the bakery in order to resume the production of a staple food for the population and, at the same time, turn the establishment into a tourist attraction.