Dress Me Artfully! is an initiative we’ve launched at Fundación Banco Santander to kick off the remodel of the future Faro Santander.

Fourteen artists from Cantabria, selected by the curator Lidia Gil,  have sought inspiration in works from the Banco Santander Collection to artistically “dress” the hoarding erected around the building site. 

To celebrate this event, we’ve prepared various downloadable text and audio files with information about the project, the participating artists and their works, which you’ll find below.

Dress Me Artfully! Presentation

Text of the curator Lidia Gil

After concluding the event in which the interventions on the billboards were carried out, Jank, one of the first graffiti artists in Santander, was invited to carry out an intervention that included the name of the project and of the artists participating in ¡Vísteme con arte!

Jank (Santander, 1976) is a graffiti writer of the first Cantabrian generation. He began signing around 1989, taking his name or nickname to every corner of Santander. He began to stand out and to be referenced in magazines nationwide, to become known in Europe as well. He was winner of the Santander 250th Anniversary contest as a multidisciplinary and self-taught artist.

He participated in the Desvelarte Festival 2014 and 2016, as well as in other European festivals, such as the Meeting of styles in Holland, Belgium, France, and Germany. His walls are displayed in the streets, although he has also taken part of his work to galleries in formats such as collage and painting. Internationally recognized as one of the references of the Cantabrian graffiti scene, he travelled to Palestine with the NGO Women Artists for Peace to depict his art on the wall of the conflict between Palestine and Israel, and travelled to New York City in 2010 to visit and paint in the cradle of graffiti.

He currently lives in Santander, where he continues to gift his art on the most mythical walls of the city, recognized by the most loyal followers of urban culture and being visited by other graffiti artists and lovers of this culture. His works have always been linked to hip-hop and urban music, essential to the graffiti movement. In recent years, he has been investigating other disciplines such as the use of photography in painting or other mixed techniques that allow him new and enriching results.